I’m currently a multimedia journalist at the Whitecourt Star, a community newspaper for a town of 10,000 people in northwestern Alberta.

Last year, finished a postgrad diploma in journalism at Humber College in Toronto. Prior to Humber, I received my master’s in American Studies from Western University in London, Ont.

My work has appeared on TVO.org, the Toronto Sun, the Canadian Centre for Policy Alternatives and numerous campus publications. I served as editor-in-chief of Convergence Magazine, the official publication of Humber’s School of Media Studies.

My major interests include Canadian, American and international politics, crime, music, film and literature.

I was inspired to go into journalism by a desire to hold the powerful to account. From Watergate to the more recent NSA revelations, reporters have exposed government wrongdoing, setting in motion national conversations that lead to change. This underscores the important, and often unacknowledged, role journalists play in public life.

My goal is to follow this inspiration to become a fearless investigative journalist and columnist.



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